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Château de Montrottier
Just 15 minutes from Annecy, Montrottier chateau is the stuff of fairytales. Its rooms house an impressive range of curiosities which represent unique insight into many eras and interests.

Reservations and tickets

When you have looked at our useful information (activities, prices, timetables) and would like to reserve a visit.

It is very simple. Two options are available:

  • Once having arrived at the Chateau, you will be able to buy your tickets straightaway. But in view of Covid-19 this is not advised and we would encourage you to use the following method.
  • You can also buy tickets in advance via the Internet using the link shown below. In just a few clicks you will be able to purchase your tickets.

Reopening on April 1, 2022

For any request, you can send an email to direction@chateaudemontrottier.com