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Château de Montrottier
Just 15 minutes from Annecy, Montrottier chateau is the stuff of fairytales. Its rooms house an impressive range of curiosities which represent unique insight into many eras and interests.


The Jeudis du donjon

Every Thursday, from 19 July to 16 August 2018. No prior booking necessary, included in entrance price.

11am Elaera the storyteller. Elaera can be seen walking between Montrottier’s old stones that are home to elves and other medieval and fairytale creatures. As she walks, she listens to the wise words and mischief of these fabulous beings. She follows their tracks and learns their signals, observing their mysteries and learning about their ancient stories. A teller of fairytales, Elaera gathers every word and lets them continue on their journey through time…

From 2pm The Saltimbanques of Sabaudia. Juggling, games, comedy, two flags that snap in the wind! The inimitable Saltimbanques de Sabaudia are now at Montrottier! Come and see their show in the chateau’s courtyard and gardens – an ideal setting for the two entertainers who stroll around the grounds juggling and dazzling children as they go!


From 2pm The Festijeux games. Medieval pastimes specialists Festijeux offer up 12 over-size games inspired by gargoyles, gargotes, the kingdom or the court. All were played by rogues and rascals, damsels and young squires! Instead of Angry Birds, why not try many more entertaining alternatives! Children can also take part in a jousting tournament.